5 Best Esthetics Courses in America

Are you a student or professional of aesthetics and are you looking for the best courses in the United States to further expand your knowledge and stand out as the best or best?

In the following lines I am going to name you where I can do a beauty course in the united states in which universities and how much it will cost you to do these aesthetic courses in the united states.

Join me to get to know them which and where to study professional aesthetics!

Aesthetics and hairdressing in the United States is a very important detail and you as a professional in this branch of aesthetics have to be trained, updated with new trends.


That’s why here I’m going to tell you what these courses are and where to study aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic Medicine Courses in the United States

These are the top 5 institutions in the United States that offer Esthetics courses.

  1. Evergreen State College

This is the first best offering of the best esthetics courses in the United States, based in Olympia, Washington.

Average tuition fees per year:

  • Undergraduate: US$26,325
  • Postgraduate: US$24,980

Cost per year

  • Cost of Living: US$15,753
  • On-campus housing: US$5,985

Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs Who Do Not Know English

All applicants whose native language is not English must meet the following requirements to be accepted into the courses.

  • Primero el TOEFL: Puntuación mínima de 550 en la prueba escrita o 79 en IBT
  • Segundo IELTS: Puntuación general de 6 puntos
  • En cambio, los estudiantes cuyo idioma principal de enseñanza es inglés:
  • Deben Cumplir con la puntuación ACT o SAT: Se debe tener una puntuación compuesta de 24 en el examen ACT o una puntuación combinada de 1100 en el examen SAT en Matemáticas y Lectura Crítica.

Como veras tienes toda la información más básica para tomes la decisión junto a tu familia que posibilidades tienes hacer estos cursos en los estados unidos.

  1. Alamo Collages District

Fundado en el año 1898 con cede en Texas cuenta con varios cursos de estética y también otros tipos de cursos como ser:

  • Artes y Ciencias
  • Ciencias Aplicadas y Tecnología
  • Ciencias de la Salud y Educación Continua
  • Ciencia de la conducta
  • Bellas artes
  • Mathematics
  • Natural sciences
  • Automotive technology
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Health & Nursing

Associate of Applied Science in Aesthetic Cosmetology

It offers you a full-time diploma and equivalent:

  • 60 Credit Hours
  • Course start date: 24 August 2020
  • Cost per year: 6,542 USD
  • Palo Alto College
  • SAN ANTONIO, Texas

Entry Requirement or Registration for Students

For international students who want to study aesthetics in the United States:

  • Students must complete high school graduation equivalent to the U.S. qualification.
  • IELTS score: 5.5; TOEFL score: 500 for paper-based test; 173 for computer-based testing; 61 for Internet-based testing.

Now you have another option where you can study or take courses in the United States.

  1. Saint Paul Collage

This prestigious institution in the United States was founded in the 1910s approximately and is public, not private, where you can take these courses in aesthetics.

Apart from the aesthetics courses offered, there is also another one for students who wish to expand their knowledge in other branches such as:

  • Respiratory care
  • Practical Nursing
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Electronic technology

It also has the Subjects you can study at Saint Paul College

  • Architecture & Construction
  • Social and Communication Sciences
  • Aesthetics
  • Hairdressing, beauty and personal care
  • Creative Art & Design
  • Computing and Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Health & Medicine
  • Pure and Applied Sciences
  • Education & Training
  • Business & Administration
  • Tourism & Hospitality

There you have ample possibilities to continue training as a great professional in various areas of aesthetic medicine course.

  1. California Institute of The Art

Otra institución de alto nivel de estudio fue creada o fundada en los años 1961, ubicada en

valencia california al norte del centro de los ángeles cuenta con estos cursos de la belleza estética

Pero también cuenta con otros cursos más para los estudiantes que desean tomarlos en función a sus necesidades como ser los:

  • Artes
  • Critical Studies
  • Dance
  • Video Cinema
  • Music & Theatre

All the students who take these courses live in the same building.

  1. Cerritos Collage

Finally, Cerrito College High School was founded in 1955 is a public institute, and is located in Norwalk California.

Average Cost of Student Life

  • Cost of Living: USD 4,467
  • Average Private Income 9,804 USD

As you can see, you already have these 5 institutions in the United States so that you can get an idea of cost of living, requirements, location, basic information as a student.

But that’s not all, these institutes also have other more high-level courses such as:

  • Masters in Aesthetic Medicine in the United States
  • Diplomas in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Aesthetic Medicine Course for Doctors

I hope this information is very useful to you, if you liked it do not hesitate to share it with your social networks I send you a big hug.

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