The 5 best universities in Wisconsin public and private

Wisconsin is a good state to immigrate or move to. If you are thinking about pursuing a university degree while you settle here, you should know the best universities.

Some of these educational centers are public , which is an advantage, since the cost is lower.

Now, you can also find highly prestigious private universities. We will present you the best universities and the reasons why you should consider them to train as a professional. Let us begin!ddd

This university has a long history, its year of foundation is 1956. It has an excellent location, it is on the north side of the city.

Are you thinking about getting a bachelor’s degree? Well, this public school offers you no more and no less than 100 degree programs.

It has a wide range of engineering education. In addition, the university has sports teams, which compete in the NCAA Division I Horizon League.

Milwaukee University has encouraged the enrollment of Hispanic students.

University of Wisconsin-Madison


This university is public and has a longer history than Milwaukee, its founding year is 1848 . It has great prestige in the city. It has 41,000 enrolled students.

In this study center you can choose between the 20 faculties . Additionally, students have great options as athletes thanks to the more than 20 NCAA Division I sports.

This school is considered a highly selective research center, among its faculties the scientific area aimed at conservation predominates.

It is important to highlight that the university is a leader in stem cell research.

A notable graduate is James Thomson, who became a cell biologist and at the same time achieved something unique: the appearance of the first isolated and cultured human embryonic stem cells.

Marquette University


This University is private, and was founded in 1881. It has a long history and good reputation in the state of Wisconsin, as well as the United States.

It is a Catholic university belonging to the Jesuit company. It has an excellent location, as it allows you to visit the various parks or museums. It has a basketball team that stands out in its competitions every year.

It has a Thermofluid Science and Energy Research Center . It has 11,500 students enrolled in its areas of Postgraduate Business, Postgraduate Studies, Law, Dentistry and other professions.

Wisconsin lutheran college


This private university is linked to the evangelical Lutheran movement. It has approximately 1,200 students enrolled. It is a liberal arts university. Awards are given in Bachelor of Arts, Sciences, Master’s Degrees, etc.

It is a school that encourages students to participate widely with educators, there are nursing areas, in which research on heart pathologies can be carried out.

There are excellent travel opportunities to encourage research into certain diseases.

University of Wisconsin Whitewater


We end this tour of the best universities in Wisconsin with Whitewater. It is a public school , it has an enrollment of approximately 12,000 students.

Here you have great study opportunities, since they admit Hispanics, in fact it is estimated that there are students from at least 30 countries. In addition, it has 47 undergraduate courses, and it has 13 graduate programs.

It has a student government made up of a president, vice president and senate who ensure the well-being of the students.

Advantages of going to study in Wisconsin, USA

Wisconsin has very respectable universities throughout the United States , its education system is characterized by being of high quality, this is undoubtedly one of the great advantages of studying in Wisconsin at any of its universities, whether public or private.

Furthermore, although the tuition cost can be quite high, scholarships are provided to foreign students, thus guaranteeing the right to study with minimal expenses on the part of the student.

Some of the scholarships awarded to foreigners are: sports scholarships; if you are an outstanding athlete, academic scholarships; if you are excellent in academics, and international scholarships; if you are a foreigner.

What is the job opportunity in Wisconsin USA?

Wisconsin is a State of great employment variety. It has hundreds of factories, as well as ranches dedicated to animal husbandry and the production of milk and cheese . Labor is constantly in demand in agricultural areas.

In addition, there is a large presence of hospitals, therefore doctors in all specialties, nurses and even therapy assistants are constantly requested.

At the same time, remember that Wisconsin is a tourist place, so there is a great diversity of hotels and good restaurants, so there is also demand for personnel in the area of ​​hotel and gastronomic services, among others.

It is important to note that in Milwaukee, Wisconsin there is a large presence of brewing companies. In fact, it is recognized for the good beer it provides, therefore, personnel are also requested to work in their factories.

If you are a foreigner, you have good opportunities in this State. You can start with little secular education in these areas, however, Wisconsin State universities provide you with a range of educational options that you can apply in the same city.

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